We are really sorry about this. We know how frustrating it can be.

We have noticed that there is no problem with the integrating between our site and Paypal technically.

Every day we receive many purchases which are processed correctly through PayPal, so these errors are punctual, sporadic.

We contacted Paypal support, and they tell us that the problem could be momentary connection error, or some restriction for security reasons, currency or location.

The solution is:

  1. Try to buy using another computer;
  2. To buy using the other option available, use your credit card directly. It works well all the time.
  3. We can send you a payment request via Paypal directly. Just contact us at support@lenofx.com by saying which products do you want to buy. And we will send you a payment request via Paypal directly. Once the payment is confirmed you will receive a coupon code to finalize the purchase. (Important! It can take some time because we do send the coupon code manually). 

We are sorry about this issue and will continue to investigate to find out the solution.

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