We create our products focusing on refined design, beautiful animations and easy to use solutions.

We give the parameters that we feel is the most important to the user to customize the template as they like.

We don't create products with too much flexibility because they are usually confusing to use with too many parameters, poor in animation and design because everything has to be built with flexibility in mind.

We can't build a template that has both: 

  1. Lots and lots of flexibility
  2. Beautiful design and animation

Unfortunately, templates are not a solution for every kind of situation, and they are limited, there's no way around that.

We face a lot of challenges to create every template. We have to limit it in one way or another; we have to choose one path or another, not both most of the time.

I hope you understand that templates are not the perfect solution for everyone and every edit situation.

If you need a very specific and unique solution, the best option is to do it yourself or hire someone else.

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